Easy Rock Guitar Songs

If you really want to know how to play guitar easily you should try out this. The best way to start to play guitar is to learn real songs that you like. You have some examples here, make use of them. Every video has its guitar chord charts attached,  in the “Video Lessons” section.
Learn chords, they are the essential building blocks of a song structure. Download backing tracks for songs you want to learn and play along these tracks as soon as you can. Have fun with it.

Born To Be Wild Chords
Learn to play chords for this classic rock song by Steppenwolf band. Easy to follow video lesson. Learn the chords quickly and easily! You can have lots of fun while learning this song. Pick up your guitar and start to play now. For this song guitar chords charts  are available here.→

Stay Motivated While Learning Guitar

guitar amplifierLearning guitar is exceptionally worthwhile and also enjoyable musical experience. However, learning guitar could be discouraging task for the majority of beginner guitar players. Probably the most discouraging factor associated with first learning guitar is that it seems like unachievable to play something that really sounds good. Learn my top tips how to stay motivated while learning guitar. →

Guitar Learning Techniques

guitar pickYou have decided to learn to play guitar, with a great desire to play it well. After awhile you get stuck. Regardless of how enthusiastic you are in your efforts and how much you practice, many things seem too difficult or even impossible to you. If you find yourself frustrated by the difficulty of playing as well as you heard so many guitarists play, don’t worry. This is a common problem encountered by most of the guitar players in the learning process. It just means that you are not well informed regarding correct guitar learning techniques…→

Best Way To Learn Guitar

fender stratocaster guitarWhether you are a beginner or more experienced guitarist you probably already asked this question, which is the best way to learn guitar? A large number of youngsters exist who dream to become rock stars but most of them find themselves losing hope of learning guitar simply because they can not find the best way to learn guitar. Discover what are advantages and disadvantages of different options available and choose a guitar learning method that suits you best. →

Guitar Chords Chart Tool

gitar chords chartFree tool displays guitar chords chart with fingering for you! Try out this guitar chords chart tool.→